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08 March 2011 @ 10:07 am
Look On The Dark Side  
Title: Look on the Dark Side
Author: Amai Koibito
Rating: R
Warnings: adult language, adult themes
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Adam/Brad
Summary: a story where Adam, fallen angel, has his eye on Tommy, good angel, and wants to get him at any cost. What difficulties will he have to face, will he get the desired, is he going to cherish his present or is it going to be another toy in his collection?
Author's notes: not that I really wanted to start writing it in the first place, 'cuz come on, with 4 translation projects alongside 5 or 6 in-progress fanfics one must be nuts to take on yet another one. Yet impulse took the better of me, and one particular pic of Adam made my muse wake up from hibernation ;) Not that I had a plot, not a single idea to get hooked on – just one beautiful photo. Even after 2 passages written I barely understood in what direction I wanted it to develop. Not jumping at lengthy descriptions, neglecting them for a simple structure, I let it go, and so it went on and on. And even further
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Chapter 1